Gallery: SEED House Brings Green Home Building To Los Angeles’ Lower-In...

While Inhabitat usually showcases visually stunning or formally innovative buildings and designs, the importance of greening the common home is not lost on the Inhabiteam, our readers, or governmental organizations and NGO's. Green housing programs around the country teach green construction techniques and processes; in addition, training opportunities at the local level abound for building managers and supers. Various tax abatements and credits exist for the homeowner who weatherizes his or her home, or improves the energy efficiency or carbon footprint of his or her home. Through these programs and the popularization of certifications such as LEED, the sustainability movement has finally infiltrated the mainstream construction industry. It is in this spirit that the South Bay Energy Efficiency House, or SEED House, has been developed and constructed. This recently inaugurated, innovative facility is located on the Century Center for Economic Opportunity (CCEO) campus adjacent to LAX airport in Lennox, CA, and serves as an education and resource center for local residents and builders.

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