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Links Roundup of the Week: Wind Energy

Posted By Olivia Chen On June 19, 2009 @ 2:00 pm In Blog links,New York City | 1 Comment

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We’ve been reading here [2] and there [3]that research is beginning to show that wind speeds are slowing down due to climate change [4] — making wind-powered energy less promising. Some would simply call this incredibly ironic, but we consider this a call-to-action to change the way we think and behave in an on-going effort to preserve the environment we live in. Wind is a precious resource [5] that has inspired generations of designers, inventors, and architects, who have created objects and structures that continue to capture the imagination of the public. Think of windmills, or pinwheels — and as our understanding of wind has strengthened, so has the sophistication by which we try to use it to enhance our experiences in the built environment. See what we have been reading this week:

Treehugger [6] reminds us that fabulous design can happen right at home with this DIY Wind Turbine [7].

Designboom [8] features a sleek-looking wind turbine [9] that was showcased at Berlin Design Week.

Designboom [8] also shares this building design by Foster + Partners that includes a roof that acts as a wind scoop to help ventilate the interior [10].

Jetson Green’ [11]s review of entries for Urban Re:Vision’s challenge reveals that a super sustainable block in Dallas, Texas [12] should include the harnessing of wind.

Notcot [13] highlights a building in Utrecht with a facade that is responsive to the wind [14] — making a glistening and constantly moving surface.

Treehugger [6] reports on a new design that could transform NYC rooftops into wind-gathering stations [15].

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