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Living, Water-Recycling Building Wrapped in a Network of Tubes

Posted By Bridgette Meinhold On November 22, 2010 @ 11:54 am In Architecture,green roof,Sustainable Building | 1 Comment

harmonia 57, triptyque, sao paulo, living wall, green roof, eco office, green design, sustainable architecture [6]Image © Leonardo Finotti

The office building and artist atelier was completed in 2008 and it recently won the 2010 ‘Built Environment’ award from the Zumtobel Group [7]. The project is composed of two volumes joined by a metal footbridge above an internal plaza. The front volume is raised and rests on pillars, while the back volume is set on a solid foundation and includes a ‘bird-like’ feature on the roof. Large windows, operable shutters and terraces allow daylight [8] to penetrate the interior spaces and lend the building a feeling of lightness.

harmonia 57, triptyque, sao paulo, living wall, green roof, eco office, green design, sustainable architecture [9]

Porous concrete is used for the facade of the building, which is covered in plants set into niches and irrigated by a misting system. Rainwater is collected from the green roof and grey water is recycled [10] to provide water for toilet flushing and irrigation. The network of pipes is integrated into the architecture as an aesthetic feature as well as a functional one — for example, water pipes are used as handrails along staircases.

The living wall [11] and green roof act as a buffering skin for the building and serve to insulate the interiors and reduce noise. Plants were chosen based upon both their aesthetics and growing capabilities – some were chosen to provide shade, while others crawl over the surface of the building providing a layer of humidity for other plants.

+ Triptyque [4]

Lead Image © Nelson Kon

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