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Mine Kafon: Wind-Propelled Bamboo Sphere Designed to Clear Landmines

Posted By Ana Lisa On November 23, 2012 @ 4:28 pm In Art,humanitarian design,News,Recycled Materials,social responsibility,Wind Power | No Comments

The toys Massoud and his brother Mahmud built as children were created from a variety of  found materials, but all were propelled by the desert’s string winds. For his final project at the Design Academy of Eindhoven [7], Massoud went back to his childhood home and recreated those toys. Drawing upon this endeavor, he developed the Mine Katon – which is 20 times bigger, heavier and stronger than any of his childhood toys.

Put in motion by the wind, The Mine Kafon is designed to roll over landmines, safely detonating the bombs. Massoud hopes for its journey to be successfully tracked via GPS, with data gathered that could eventually show the safest paths to take in a given area. Afghanistan is said to have at least 10 million land mines, but there could be far more – and every destroyed land mine means a saved life. Massoud’s [8] work will be exhibited at New York’s MOMA [9] and Paris’ Gallery Slott [10] early next year, and he is currently looking for collaborative partners and donations [11] to helping saving people’s lives.

+ Massoud Hassani [2]

+ INDEX: Award [4]

Photo © Massoud Hassani

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