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Moto Undone: Minimalist Mirrored Electric Motorcycle Flies Through the Streets

Posted By Molly Cotter On September 17, 2011 @ 1:19 am In carousel showcase,gallery,Green Transportation | 10 Comments

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Ruiter has shaken up conventional transportation in the past – he’s also know for his his “super minimal city bike”, which reduces material use to the bare minimum. For Moto Undone, Ruiter completely covered a motorcycle’s eye-catching [7] features and exposed mechanics with an aluminum casing. The vehicle [8] is stripped of all ornamentation and it’s not even painted [9], leaving raw material as the main focal point.

By “ignoring what makes motorcycles interesting,” Ruiter designed the opposite of the flashy paint [10]and weaving pipes of typical motorcycles. At a glance, the rider is the only thing fellow drivers [11] can see, as the reflective aluminum [12] makes the bike nearly invisible while passing along the landscape.

The aluminum also covers a 1000 watt 48v electric motor [13]that can run for 90 miles, or about 3 hours. The (questionable safe) bike doesn’t have any information dials, so all the information including speed [14] and GPS tracking can be displayed on a smartphone [15] with various apps.

Joey Ruiter will display Moto Undone and other designs [16] at the Grand Rapids Art Museum [17] in Michigan from September 21st to October 8th.

+ Joey Ruiter [3]

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