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Nacho Carbonell’s Cocoon Seats Encourage People to Socialize in a Playful Way

Posted By Ana Lisa On November 28, 2012 @ 5:06 pm In Art,Design,Events,Green Furniture,News,Social Design | No Comments

Nacho Carbonell, Communication Line, Dutch Design Week, chicken wire, public art, sofa, social, Eindhoven, recycled paper, Ana Lisa Alperovich [5]

Sitting at the main entrance of Eindhoven’s Katrina Kerk [6] cathedral (chosen because churches are strong symbols of communicating and transmitting messages to millions of people) Carbonell’s social bench acts as a tool for communication. This new project seems to be a continuation of the designer’s 2009 work, Evolution Collection [7], but instead of providing a space for personal thinking and hiding from the world [8], this interactive installation was designed for bringing people closer.

Carbonell’s Communication Line is made by molding chicken wire [9] and covering it with recycled paper and sprayed on cement. Each of the chairs’ cocoons are connected by a hole, from one edge to the other, making it also perfect for ‘Chinese Whispers’ [10].

A fantastic piece of public furniture, Carbonell’s Communication Line allows you to escape everyday life [11] and reconnect with your local people.

+ Nacho Carbonell [1]

+ Dutch Design Week 2012 [2]

Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat

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