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Natural Swimming Ponds Ditch the Chemicals

Posted By Bridgette Meinhold On May 27, 2013 @ 2:40 pm In carousel showcase,Design,Environment,Gallery,Landscape Architecture,Water Issues | 10 Comments

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This gorgeous swimming pool [2] isn’t a typical chlorine [3]-filled watering hole–it’s actually a natural swimming pond that relies on plants to filter [4] the water. (Don’t worry, you’re not swimming among the plants and stepping in squishy mud; the plant regeneration area is kept separate from the swimming area.) Even if you already have a swimming pool, you can enjoy the benefits of a chemical-free pond [5] and relaxing natural environment using the structure you already have with a few design changes.

natural swimming pool, natural filter, plant filter, UV filter, sustainable pond, chemical-free swimming pools, clear water revival, total habitat

Natural swimming ponds [6] are already quite popular in Europe and are gaining interest in the US. Companies like Clear Water Revival [7] (UK) and Total Habitat [8](US) can help you design your perfect dream pond [9], or revamp the pool you already have. The cost of new natural ponds versus conventional swimming pools is said to be comparable, but maintenance costs for a chemical-free pool will be much lower. (Just think of the increased health benefits as an added bonus.)

A natural pond is usually larger than a normal pool to accommodate the plants, rocks, and natural vegetation [10] that comprise the filter [11] zone (separate from the designated swimming area). Once water filters through the plant zone, it is then pumped through a UV filter [12] to ensure maximum cleanliness and aeration. Typically, natural ponds have a waterfall [13] to pump water back into the swimming area. Design and shape options are endless.

Whereas a conventional pool is little more than a concrete tub, a natural pond is a landscape centerpiece that will enhance the value of your home and quality of your life. What could be more beautiful than that?

+ Clear Water Revival [7]

+ Total Habitat [8]

Via MoCo Loco [14] and H2OVisions [15]

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