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Posted By Jorge Chapa On April 12, 2007 @ 11:20 am In Botanical,Landscape Architecture,New York City | 9 Comments

Natural swimming pools, chlorine free, no chemicals, reed bed filtering [1]

A natural swimming pool is one which is designed to harness the processes of nature to produce clean, clear water. These types of pools have been available in Europe for a while, but have yet to catch on in the United States, unfortunately. We always like reading about sustainable & better alternatives to common practice, and were extremely excited to read about the growing movement of natural, no-chemical swimming pools in this recent New York Times article > [2]

Natural swimming pools chlorine free no chemicals reed bed filtering

Natural pools work by filtering the water through a filter zone, which generally involves a number of different aquatic plants on haydite rocks, as well as ultraviolet filters and a very small amount of chlorine. Through these processes, the water of a natural pool is able to meet European standards for bacteria levels, making it safe for swimming. Furthermore if designed properly the water looks crystal clear — and it won’t turn your hair green!

Obviously natural pools aren’t for everyone, as these pools require a fair bit of maintenance, as well as a different mindset as to how to deal with them. But for the interested the benefits are clear. The very low use of chemicals, means a lower impact on the environment, and the regeneration zones required for these pools lends itself to an integrated landscape design that will give your backyard a more organic and natural look. And we can only imagine that once you sort out the filtration issues, a natural pool is probably a lot healthier for swimmers as well.

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