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New Analytic Tools Encourage Greener Computer Code

Posted By Cameron Scott On May 12, 2010 @ 5:45 pm In Environment,Green Technology,Greener Gadgets,Innovation,Renewable Energy | No Comments

Photo of Oracle cloud computing data center by Kevin Krejci [1]

With cloud computing [2] starting to move from fantasy to reality, the question of the day is: How green is your cloud? Far from the children’s book it may sound like, the question addresses energy efficiency at the data centers [3] where more and more of your life sits on servers. Tech companies, notably Google [4], have proposed some common sense approaches for running the machines efficiently, but the next move may be optimizing the code itself [5] for energy efficiency.

data centers, IT, green technology, energy efficiency, sustainable designPhoto by S_W_Ellis [6]

Anytime a company creates an application, it balances competing needs: power and speed, for example. If energy efficiency were added to the list of criteria, IT companies could save money not just running servers [7] but also buying them, because they would need fewer. Microsoft [8] and Intel [9] have developed tools [5] that analyze code for its energy efficiency. Intel’s tool even attaches a dollar sign to its finding, making the incentive for programmers to go green that much stronger.

It’s a great idea, and will probably even lead to lither programs. In the meantime, though, let’s not lose sight of one thing: IT companies, which use a lot of energy, should be on the front lines lobbying for renewable energy standards [10] and helping create the technology that will make it available nationwide. Check out Greenpeace’s latest report card [11] to see how they’re doing.

Via Earth2Tech [5]

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