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New Nano-Material Paves Way for Self-Washing Solar Panels and Windows

Posted By Sarah Parsons On December 10, 2009 @ 9:00 am In Environment,Green Materials,Innovation,Renewable Energy,Solar Power | 4 Comments

Windo w washer photo by JOE M500

A little-known fact is that solar panels [1] can become up to 30 percent less effective when they accumulate dust and grime. A more widely known fact is that homeowners climbing up on roofs to fix shingles [2], clean gutters or wash solar panels can lead to some very unpleasant injuries. For those performing the latter, listen up: Researchers at Tel Aviv University [3] recently discovered a new nano-material [3] that repels dust and water. Once commercialized, the material could be applied as a sheer coating, creating self-washing windows and solar panels [3].

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Researchers discovered the miraculous little material accidentally as they were working on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease [4]. By placing peptides (short polymers) in a vacuum under high pressure, researchers created self-assembling nanotubes. The end result were tiny nanotubes about one-billionth of a meter in length that all together resemble a small forest of grass. Because the nanotubes are resistant to water and heat, researchers figure that the nano-material would be an ideal coating for windows and solar panels, essentially creating products that clean themselves.

As a bonus, the new nano-material also acts as a supercapacitor [5], meaning it could also be used to prodive extra energy for batteries in electric vehicles [6] or incorporated into existing lithium batteries [7].

The group of Tel Aviv researchers have already been approached to commercialize their new material, so we could see self-washing windows and solar panels within the next few years. And while that’s great news for us greenies, we’re guessing professional window-washers aren’t too pleased by the development.

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Lead photo by Joe M500 [9]

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