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Could giving a cell phone to your kid be considered child abuse? Cell phones are widely believed to cause cancer because of the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields they use. Now, a new scientific study published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine finds that kids’ brains may absorb much more cellphone radiation as adults’ brains. According to the report, cell phones are currently certified using a model of an adult’s head, which greatly underestimates the radiation absorption rate for a smaller head.



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  1. Tonia Malva NZ Health S... October 27, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Why would anyone want to knowingly put their child at risk of absorbing more radiation than is absolutely necessary?

  2. lazyreader October 24, 2011 at 8:54 am

    New Study: “Mobile phones don’t cause brain cancer say scientists”

    The latest Dutch study looked at data on more than 358,000 mobile users over 18 years, which is thought to be the longest follow-up so far. Researchers led by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen found that cancer rates in the central nervous system were almost the same in both long-term mobile phone users and those who don’t use mobiles at all. You know how many electronic devices emit ionizing radiation….. ANSWER) All of them. You can pitch a tent next to a nuclear power plant and live nearby for a year and get less radiation than the cast of Jersey Shore due to tanning beds. We are exposed to natural radiation every minute of our lives: cosmic radiation from space, radiation from from the ground, and radiation from radon in the air we breathe. Every year, the average U.S. citizen is exposed to natural radiation equal to about 360 dental X-rays. Even food is irradiated to safely destroy pathogens. People think food irradiation makes food radioactive, but it doesn’t; the radiation just kills the bacteria, and passes right out of the food. That’s why the FDA and USDA approved the process a long time ago. Spices have been irradiated for more than twenty years. Irradiation is good for us. If it were more common, all of us would suffer fewer instances of food poisoning and we could have fruits and vegetables that stay fresh weeks longer. But scaremongering has kept it from catching on into major food distributors such as the beef industry. Scaremongers have told us the World Health Organization did not approve of irradiation, but that was a lie. The organization did approve. WHO told reporters irradiation is just as important as pasteurization. Pasteurization also met public skepticism when it was introduced. Louis Pasteur discovered that heating milk would kill bacteria, but critics charged that pasteurization was “meddling with nature,” and that it might change the properties of the food-or contaminate it. The U.S. dairy industry actually promoted raw milk as more acceptable than pasteurized milk. Only the persistence of scientists and medical experts allowed pasteurization to become standard practice.

    There is no cancer epidemic. You wouldn’t know it from the media, but there has been no surge in cancers. The death rate due to cancer has been declining for more than ten years. You might argue that fewer die from cancer today simply because there are better treatments for the disease, but look at the cancer incidence rate. The incidence of prostate and breast cancer is up, but that’s only because there’s more early detection. In the 1980s more men starting getting PSA tests, and more women had mammograms. Lung cancer increased in women because more women took up cigarettes, and skin cancer increased because of lunatic sunbathing. But overall cancer rates have not been rising, and lots of cancers, like stomach, uterine, and colorectal cancer have been declining drastically. Many think there is a spike in cancer, truthfully this is because we hear more about cancer in the news especially those very sad and unfortunate children cancer stories. Cancer is a disease of an aging population, and fortunately, more people now live long enough to get cancer. More talk about it too. Many years ago people who got cancer were secretive about it just like they kept HIV/Aids hidden. But every week, there are more news stories regarding ”toxicity” in dye, dry cleaning, coffee, chewing gum, saccharin, cyclamates, NutraSweet, nitrites, Red No. 2 dye, electric blankets, video display terminals, dental fillings, cellular phones, vaccines, potato chips, farmed salmon, Teflon, antiperspirants, and even rubber duckies. I’m surprised more people are not dying of fright as opposed to cancer.

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