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Posted By Jill Fehrenbacher On May 20, 2005 @ 8:01 pm In Events,News | 2 Comments


Design week is over and here’s my belated wrap-up:

ICFF and Soho parties were fun, but my favorite part of NYC Design week was the whole Joint Venture [2] thingy in Williamsburg with The Future Perfect, Living Spaces, CITIZEN:Citizen and A Little Green. Even though I really can’t concentrate on design very well when surrounded by people and alcohol, I saw quite a few unique things at these shows that I didn’t see anywhere else. Unfortunately, my photographs of the events were less than fabulous, because I was trying to carry around a slushy that I got at the door of The Future Perfect.

I saw another wine-glass chandelier at The Future Perfect [3]. This chandelini, made by Touch Design [4], is more dynamic and less utilitarian than the Swedish Glasklasen [5] I saw at ICFF.

Salgadgo and Bettencourt’s Scrapile Table [6] in action at The Future Perfect [3].

A lovely sparkly chandelier downstairs in the American Dollhouse exhibit at The Future Perfect [3]

ICFF was fun in an Olympic village sort of way. I liked the geographical organization of the whole thing, and the nationalistic pride that was on full display at each country’s trade board booth. In the Danish section I saw this elegant expanding table by Skagerak Denmark [7] ? the expanding table [8] being somewhat of a mini-trend this year.

Charles Lazor’s Flatpak house [9] was on full display at ICFF, outfitted with Blu Dot furniture to match.

In the theme of decorative mirrors, Tord Boontje + Artechnica [10] had these cute mirror cut-outs in a variety of illustrative designs.

Over in the British Isles section of ICFF, fellow Central Saint Martins grad Rachel Kelly was showing off her Interactive Wallpaper [11]:

Rachel Kelly’s Interactive Wallpaper [11], which involves creating your own custom wallpaper using a selection of various patterns and stickers, is not to be confused with Dario Buzzini’s [12] more high-tech, computer mediated Interactive Wallpaper.

Ianonne:Sanderson [13] was showing this beautiful backlit bamboo cabinet.

Ianonne:Sanderson also has a “red line cabinet” which is made from reclaimed douglas fir floorboards from the philadelphia academy of music. How cool is that?

I also saw this lovely table at the Ianonne:Sanderson booth. I really like the combination of white plastic and textured Kirei board. In fact, I was so taken with the Kirei board, that I had to track down the Kirei people to learn more about it. For more information about Kirei, click here [14]

Natura [15] was showing off their large scale photo-realistic wall-murals at the furniture fair. Painter Mr. Gaillard, will come to your house or apartment, survey the scene, and then personally custom-design and hand-paint a serene nature scene for your wall.

Molo’s folding paper Softwall was the hit of ICFF, taking awards and showing up at 3 or 4 different boothes.

The Swedish Glasklasen [16], made by Form Nasielksy, was one of my favorite discoveries at ICFF.

In the same Swedish trade booth, I saw another lovely chandelier, called Kristall [17], made by Lyx.

In the Canadian section I came across Montreal-based brother and sister design duo Periphere [18], showing off their lovely Uno Chair and Iceberg table.

Also representing the Canadians was Brent Comber [19], a Vancouver-based designer who makes innovative organic furniture from fallen Alder branches.

Douglas Homer’s thumb puzzle table [20] caught my eye with its op-art aesthetic and modular design. (You can move the tile around like a Rubick’s cube to form different different designs, and there is hidden storage underneath the tiles.)


ICFF’s spatial arrangement by nationality (together with all the flags and nationality-themed exhibitions) made the whole convention feel a bit like the Design Olympics. So I’m going to pretend that I was asked to be a judge of this particular Design Olympics, and give out the following awards:

GOLD to Austrian Xpand System [8], for the Xpanding Table in the “Why hasn’t anyone come up with this idea before”category

SILVER to Swedish Form Nasielsky [5], for the Glasklasen Wine Glass Chandelier in the “Why hasn’t anyone come up with this idea before” category

GOLD to German Ingo Maurer [21], for the LED Glass Table in the “Oooh-Aaaah” Category

GOLD to American duo Molo [22], for the softwall in the “Form+Function” Category

GOLD to Dutch Tord Boontje [10], for Transglass in the “Friend of the Earth” Category

GOLD to Dutch Tord Boontje [10], for Transglass in the “Friend de la Popolo” Category

Looking forward to next year…

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