New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg just announced the launch of the Urban Technology Innovation Center which will help fast track sustainable building practices by connecting building owners looking to be more eco-friendly with companies developing cutting edge green technology. The partnership — which will be led by the City of New York, Columbia University, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and City University of New York — will help building owners go green at a lower cost while allowing sustainable innovators to test their products in the marketplace and gather data about their performance in the real world.

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Mayor Bloomberg has lofty goals — that we wish every city had — for New York City’s sustainable future and he’s been on a roll lately introducing green initiatives. From the recent green roof initiative to helping to expand New York’s car free zones to other parts of the city Bloomberg is putting some serious action into greening the Big Apple. Most of Bloomberg’s plans of action, including this latest one, are covered under New York City’s PlaNYC 2030 program. “We will never meet the ambitious carbon reduction goals in PlaNYC unless we reduce the emissions from New York’s one million existing buildings,” Mayor Bloomberg noted. “The NYC Urban Technology Innovation Center will capitalize on some of our City’s greatest strengths, creating jobs and helping realize our vision of a greener, greater New York.”

The Urban Technology Innovation Center will help New York — and hopefully other cities across the world — get to that greener future in three ways. First and foremost it will get green technology into the marketplace quickly to test its strengths. Second, it will create an information clearinghouse of all tested technology, its costs and its proven functionality. Third, it will host forums between the private sector and academic institutions about city-specific green building challenges in order to help spread the word about the newest, most innovative sustainable building practices.

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