11 New York Designers Create Children’s Desks to Raise Money for Nepal Orphanage

by , 05/02/11
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Kids of Kathmandu, a non-profit organization that uses photography, art, and design to raise awareness about the need of orphan kids in Nepal, will auction off 11 desks designed by New York woodworkers, architects, designers and artists at their inaugural gala on May 12. The star designers include Eric Manigian, Made, Taible, Uhuru, Workshop Design Build, 9 stories, Strear Built, Daniel Moyer Design, Wadaly, Cambium Studio, and Brian DeRosia. The custom designed children’s desks will be on display along with photographs of each of the 41 children from the Nepal orphanage. All of the money raised will go directly to the charity.

eric manigian, green furniture, kids of kathmandu, charity event, green design

The artists included eco-friendly elements to their designs, some by using salvage materials while others used woods from responsibly harvested forests. An example of this idea is Eric Mangian, who’s desk is made from salvaged English walnut that had been warped and cupped which he cut, flattened and rejoined to create an “X” shaped top that maintains the wood’s natural grain.

Another great example of green design at the Kids of Kathmandu desk project is Daniel Moyer. He combines modern design with ancient techniques, by using simple machines and hand tools to work on solid hardwoods, which were opportunistically harvested, locally sawn and air-dried. His clean design for this desk is aimed at creating a space where kids can focus and study.

The Kids of Kathmandu Inaugural Fundraising Gala will take place at 463 West Side Highway (between Bethune and Bank Street) in New York on May 12 between 6PM-9PM. The auction is open for bids online now and tickets are available at this website. You can also donate to this great cause here.

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