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Contrary to all the 12-21-12 hullabaloo, it looks as though the world will still be here for 2013, and New York is planning to welcome the new year with a dazzling LED display. Tonight's Times Square New Year's Eve celebration will once again showcase the world-famous ball-drop, and the 2013 ball will be illuminated with 32,256 energy-efficient Philips LED lights. Just like with the Empire State Building's new LED system, the New Year's Eve ball will be capable of shining in millions of vibrant colors for a spectacular kaleidoscope effect atop One Times Square.

The 2013 New Year’s ball is a 11,875 pound geodesic sphere that is 12 feet in diameter, and is covered in 32,256 LED lights. A total of 672 LED modules are attached to the aluminum frame of the ball and each module is made up of 48 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs. The configuration includes 12 red LEDs, 12 blue LEDs, 12 green LEDs, and 12 white LEDs for a total of 8,064 lights of each color.

The theme of this year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration is world peace and, as such, the 2013 ball will feature a new “Let There Be Peace” Waterford crystal panel in addition to the 2,687 other Waterford crystal triangles that adorn it. Waterford and the Times Square New Year’s Eve organization will be inviting viewers around the world to participate in the balldrop by sharing their messages of peace and select messages will even be included in the live New Year’s Eve webcast. If you’d like to contribute a message, simply tweet it before 5PM EST on December 31st with hashtag #PeaceNYE, post it before 5PM EST on December 31st to Waterford’s Facebook page with hashtag #PeaceNYE or post it before 5PM EST on December 31st to Times Square’s Facebook page with hashtag #PeaceNYE.

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