Gallery: 400-Foot Long Sustainable Wood Pedestrian Path Coming Soon to ...

Structural engineer Ted Zoli has received much recognition since September 11th as a leading expert in bridge design to withstand explosives, but for his latest project, he has turn to nature for inspiration. Zoli, winner of a 2009 MacArthur Genius Grant, plans to bridge the gap between two existing outdoor spaces in Brooklyn, one being a small paved park located on the north side of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and the other is the 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park located along the waterfront. The Squibb Park Bridge will span 396 feet and peak at 30 feet above ground, with the most impressive element being the use of black locust as the primary material. The tree species, native to the southeast but spotted around the northeast, is a prominent sustainable material used throughout the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s landscape.

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