Gallery: 6 Easy Eco Escapes From New York City

image © Joe Shlabotnik via Creative Commons

Fire Island

New York City has plenty of beaches just a subway ride away, but sometimes its nice to be a bit further from the chaos. Fire Island, just a ferry ride from the LIRR Montauk line, is the perfect idyllic seaside escape. Booking a hotel or inn room can get pricey, but a day trip is not out of the question, especially for car-less city dwellers. There are dozens of cute towns on Fire Island and biking (there are several bike rental shops) is probably the best way to experience more than one, as you can see the sights and still enjoy the fresh salty air and sandy beaches. Whether you want a lazy day laying on the beach in Kismet or the busy scene of Ocean Beach, there is a patch of shoreline on Fire Island for every type. (Fire Island; take the LIRR Montauk line, catch the Fire Island ferry)

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  1. natesmithny June 23, 2013 at 6:24 pm
    Found your blog doing research for my own article on Storm King - it's magical, right? Wasn't so keen on Fire Island though... Anyway my wife and I want to check out some of the other destinations. Thanks for posting!