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Photo via Bungalow Bar Facebook


Rockaway Beach made headlines for being one the areas most affected by Hurricane Sandy in NYC, but before that, it was known as a popular vacation retreat for New Yorkers. The best way to get there is to hop on the ferry from Pier 11, take the A train or ride the super-convenient Rockabus from Manhattan or Brooklyn for about $15 roundtrip. Once you're there, take a quick stroll along the boardwalk and hit the beach. For those looking for exhilaration over relaxation, Rockaway Jet Ski offers a fun experience zooming across the ocean waters. After you're done, treat yourself to a matcha green tea smoothie at Veggie Island or hit up Motorboat and the Big Banana for tacos, fresh fish burgers, grilled shrimp burgers, lobster rolls, crab rolls, pizza or wings. Then end the day with a yummy cocktail on the waterfront deck at Bungalow Bar.

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