Gallery: 6 Fun Ways to Spruce Up Your Tiny Apartment for Spring


When dealing with a small space, the way you divide up a room can make a world of difference. If you've been using a less than aesthetically-pleasing divider (read: an old bedsheet) in your studio apartment, how about replacing it with a beautiful wall of plants using our tutorial? You can vary the opacity of the divider by using leafier plants, and make your divider as wide or as thin as you like.


When you live in a tiny apartment, sometimes the only way you have left to go is up! Vertical storage is a simple way to refresh your home by getting clutter off of countertops and surfaces but if you rent like many of us New Yorkers do and are concerned about damaging your walls, this new line of modular organizers by Martha Stewart is a way to create vertical storage on your walls while leaving just a few tiny holes after you remove them. You can also scale it to be as small or as large as you like.


Interior designers have touted the transformative effects of plants, and they can act as a design element as well as an air purifier. If you want to incorporate some flora into a room without taking up valuable floor space, a mason jar herb garden does the trick nicely. Check out this tutorial shared with us by eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes for some tips on how to make your own!


Spring is the perfect time to open up those curtains and let in lots of light – the more the better. A bright, airy space also creates the illusion of more room, but if you don’t get too much natural light in your apartment, one way to enhance the little bit you do is by adding mirrors. Even just one strategically placed mirror can cheer a room up. If you need some inspiration or tips, Apartment Therapy has some great examples on the art of using mirrors here.


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