Gallery: How to Prepare for Hurricane Sandy


A green website telling you to avoid public transportation? This will probably be the only time we say this, but don't go in the subway this weekend - just don't. Well all know that the MTA's systems leave much to be desired (a euphemism indeed) and their water drainage system is a frighteningly medieval collection of 700 super-old pumps, some of which were purchased second hand from the builders of the Panama Canal. If you think we're being dramatic, the MTA has even announced that it is planning to shut down the whole transportation system, including subways, trains, and buses, so we think it's best if you plan to get around some other way or better yet, find shelter and stay in.


We New Yorkers are known to be brave, but sometimes the smart thing to do is to just abandon ship. As you can see from this evacuation map of the city, many areas (in white) are going to be okay in terms of flooding, but to be on the safe side, carefully examine the entire map here or call 311 to get the scoop on whether it’s safe for you to stay in your home during the storm. If you live above the 10th floor in an apartment building, you should also plan to stay with family or friends.


When inclement weather strikes, keeping on top of the news is of the utmost importance, but storms are also notorious for causing power outages that make it impossible to watch the news – cruel irony! Well guess what? You can beat the game by having a hand crank radio on hand. It doesn’t matter if your electricity is totally out (speaking of which, having a hand crank flashlight around would probably be nice as well), as long as you or a loved one have the strength to muster up a few twists of a handle, you’ll be in the know about evacuations and breaking news. Hopefully, you already own one of these uber-useful radios, but if not check for them at your local Brookstone (here is a list of locations in NYC), or other electronics store.


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  1. flyingfish30 August 27, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I pray that the people of New York can withstand Hurricane Irene and that no loss of life and less damage to properties. We at are always lending a helping hand if needed.