Gallery: 6 Things to Know About Winter Storm Nemo in NYC


On a lighter note, there is a possibility that you could see some magenta on the roads today if NY decides to implement the beet juice de-icing they've been testing out. We contacted the DOT this morning to see if any beets will be on the streets today and will keep you updated when we hear back.


Notify NYC is New York’s official source for alerts and info about emergency events and city services. It’s free to register and you can get alerts via text or phone call, and the updates sent to you can be tailored to your specific neighborhood so you’re always in the know about what’s happening around you. Even if you don’t receive many alerts during this snow storm, it’s a good service to subscribe to for future inclement weather and possible disasters.

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This one is a no-brainer, but it warrants repeating because there’s always going to be some daredevil trying to navigate the roads no matter how bad the weather gets. Yesterday, the Mayor’s office sent out an alert saying that “The public is urged to avoid all unnecessary driving during the duration of the storm and, until further directed, to use public transportation wherever possible.” We understand that some people simply need to drive whether it be to make a living or to get somewhere but before you get behind the wheel later just consider the fact that if you do get stuck in the snow, or worse yet, into an accident, you’ll be inconveniencing and risking the lives of the city workers who’ll have to come and rescue you. So if you can, just use the subway or try to stay home.


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