National 9/11 Memorial Set to Open on 10 Year Anniversary, Tickets Going Fast

by , 07/17/11

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Much like the Vietnam War Memorial and others of its kind, the highly anticipated memorial will display a list of all of the names of the victims from September 1th. Lining the walls of the two memorial pools, large bronze walls are inscribed with all 2,983 names. The eco-friendly plaza, swamp white oak trees and gently cascading water will be a place of serenity for victim’s families and the general public to reflect upon the tragedy.

The site opens during the ten year anniversary ceremony on September 11, 2011, but only to the friends and families of the victims. September 12th will mark the public access opening. The visitor areas accommodate around 1500 visitors at a time.  Like special exhibitions at museums, tickets will be timed, in thirty-minute increments. However, visitors are not limited to a thirty minute time frame — once they’ve passed through security, they may spend as much time in the park as they desire.

Taking nearly ten years to complete — from design submissions to execution — the final design, by Arad and Walker is centered in the exact location of the World Trade Centers’ foundations. Its design powerfully represents the cycle of life. The symbolic oak trees are self-irrigated with a built in storm water and pest management system. The zen of the ever-flowing water into the reflecting pools, coupled with the cool shade of the lush trees turns the location of tragedy into a beautiful and peaceful memorial.

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