A Survey of Celebrity Homes’ Solar Power Potential in New York City

by , 06/23/11
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The NY Solar Map confirmed last week that two thirds of NYC’s rooftops are well suited for solar panels, and could potentially harvest most of the city’s energy needs. Despite the immense sustainable benefits, the up front costs can be too expensive for the everyday person. Some roofs are also just too difficult for installation.

That doesn’t seem to be a problem for some celebrities though. Madonna’s $40 million Upper East Side townhouse has the potential to produce 6.87 kW of solar power. Some buildings, like 176 Perry Street, home of Calvin Klein and Jim Carry, can only harvest 1.89 kW of solar power due to limited roof space. Others, like NY Senator Chuck Schumer’s residence at 9 Prospect Park West, can produce 14.21 kW of solar potential. Each of these houses can produce thousands of dollars in annual savings.

The survey by our friends at Txchnologist is by no means scientific, and this doesn’t mean that solar panels are practical for all roofs. Most of the addresses searched those that are widely known of celebrities who live in the city. The solar energy movement must start somewhere, and celebrities could certainly get the ball rolling.

For more star solar power, visit Txchnologist.

+ NYC Solar Map