Gallery: A TreeHouse Grows on Governors Island (and a Picnic Party to P...

If you (like me) are a New Yorker who has been deprived of cool outdoorsy stuff like treehouses your whole life, here is your chance to get in on some good old arboreal home action! When we last saw him, artist Benjamin Jones was asking everyone on the interwebs to make his dream of constructing a sustainable treehouse on Governors Island a reality. Well guess what popped up there just a few weeks ago? Click through our gallery to see the pics Benjamin was kind enough to send us and read on to find out about the PAZainting Picnic Party that will be held this weekend to add some color to complete this branch-enveloped masterpiece.

Not only is it ridiculously awesome that the TreeHouse (yes, with a capital T and H) is open to everyone to play around, explore and basically frolic about in, Jones and his pals also built the thing from sustainable materials. They found scraps around the streets of Brooklyn and visited Build It Green! (one of our favorite destinations for secondhand and reclaimed lumber, furniture and even paint) to get their supplies. Even though the TreeHouse was created for visitors of all ages, the beer bottle windchime – don’t worry, they’re empty – and the fun mirrored surfaces on the interior are especially enticing to the under 10 demographic.

If you want to get your TreeHouse on, we highly recommend that you visit on this upcoming Saturday, the 9th of July because that’s when Jones and pals will be throwing their TreeHouse PAZainting Picnic party. They’re inviting everyone to join them as they take paintbrushes to the TreeHouse and prettify it. Oh, and did we mention that they’re building a DJ booth right into the house? We’re hoping its right next to the sweet slide which, if we’re not mistaken, is made out of an industrial tube!


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