Inhabitat NYC is a website devoted to green design, architecture and innovation in New York City. For decades the Big Apple has been at the forefront of green living and forward-thinking urban design, planning and environmental policy. We New Yorkers live densely and efficiently – we share heating, electricity and infrastructure with our neighbors, we forego cars and walk, bike and ride the subway. Our buses are all-electric, our mayor has an eco-plan for the next twenty years, and everyday, new businesses in New York pop up that are committed to using sustainable, local materials. Inhabitat was born in New York city and most of our editors live here. With that in mind, we wanted to create a locally-focused version of Inhabitat.com that reflects our local community and our interests.

From vegetarian restaurants to eco clothing boutiques to design exhibits & events, to the latest in local politics and developments, Inhabitat NYC is devoted to tracking the green future of New York. You’ll get the latest green news through our news feed, and our business directory is your go-to resource for exploring the greener side of New York City.

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JILL FEHRENBACHER – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Jill is the founder of Inhabitat, as well as a freelance designer, green design consultant, and architecture student. She created Inhabitat in the Spring of 2005 as a way to catalog her endless search for new ways to improve the world through forward-thinking, high-tech, and environmentally conscious design. Educated at Brown University, where she received a B.A. in Art Semiotics, and Central St. Martins, where she received an M.A. in Design Studies, she currently resides in New York City, which so far has been good for her obsession with rooftop gardens and vegan junk food restaurants.

YUKA YONEDA – Managing Editoryukabiopic

Yuka is a writer and reporter from Queens, New York. She received her bachelor’s in business management from Stony Brook University and holds a degree in exhibit design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. In addition to being the NYC editor of Inhabitat, Yuka is a practicing turophile and a known JeDIY master. Her love of maker culture and crafting has a lot to do with what she’s seen around her in NYC, and she believes that if you can “make it” here, you can “make it” anywhere. Yuka’s refashioned clothing and DIY ideas have been featured on The Today Show, Glamour, HGTV.com and other websites and magazines. Yuka also writes for Ecouterre and has written for The Daily Green and The New York Times.

picture-010DIANE PHAM – Architecture and Design Editor

Diane is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating from USC’s Marshall School, she enjoyed a brief stint at SCI-Arc, then working for the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, Perkins Eastman Architects and Resoultion4: Architecture handling their marketing and graphic design work. A native Angeleno, she’s also lived and worked in Milan, Paris and Buenos Aires, and still has her sights set beyond the borders of the US. In her spare time she enjoys learning languages, photography, volunteering with kids, reading about fonts and typography, and doing as many new things as she can, every moment she can.
Follow Diane on Twitter @dpastaface

Lori Zimmer, Lori Zimmer Inhabitat, Art Nerd, Art NErd NEw York, Lori Zimmer artnerd, artnerd
LORI ZIMMER – Art Editor

Lori Zimmer is a New York based writer, with a passion for sustainable design, eco-tourism and art. She has written for Ecouterre, Inhabitots, ArtSlant, Patrick McMullan Mag, Flavorpill, WhiteHot and ArtFetch. She received her MA in art, media and business at FIT. In her free time, she writes an art and art history guide called Art Nerd New York and curates shows often focused on artists who use found or recycled materials.




Ayasha Guerin, Inhabitat Writer, Inhabitat Contributing Writer

AYASHA GUERIN – Contributing Writer

Ayasha Guerin is an artist and a graduate student who studies the complex relationships between urbanism and environmental ecologies. Her photography, installation, research and writing concern themes of urbanity and the public sphere, collaborative design, community and ecology. These interests once took her across the Atlantic ocean to study at various universities and art/architecture practices in Europe – a journey that ultimately led her right back to New York, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in American Studies at NYU. With a focus on New York City, her research questions the implications that U.S. capitalist land-use values and grassroots activism have for understandings of, and experiences in, the public spheres of 21st century cities. When she’s not writing or blogging about this, Ayasha enjoys urban gardens, vegetarian cooking, vintage jewelry, and organizing pop-up art exhibitions on vacant lots. Follow her on Twitter at @urban_praxis.

AMANDA COEN Contributing Writer & PhotographerAmanda Coen

Amanda is a writer and photographer based in New York. Originally from the Finger Lakes region of NY, she was never one to sit still. She has lived in the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Peru and remains an avid traveler. She graduated from Macalester College with a major in International Studies and a minor in Studio Art. She then spent two years in Madrid where she was the theater and dance editor for InMadrid, taught in a public, bilingual school and completed a professional photography course at EFTI. She recently returned from a four month stay in Peru where she worked on several projects with Awamaki, a textile-based NGO in the Sacred Valley. Amanda enjoys covering stories about sustainability, culture, international development and design. In her free time you can find her cooking with friends, going for a run, biking and pursuing her creative projects. Follow her on Twitter @amandascoen.

REBECCA PAUL – Contributing Writer

Rebecca is a designer, portrait painter, installation artist and writer. After receiving her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design – Rebecca moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a resident artist for The Hive Gallery and Studios in the emerging downtown art scene. During her time on the west coast she also acted as a Freelance Curator where she produced several art shows converting raw spaces throughout the city into dynamic backdrops for a variety of mediums. Uninspired by the contemporary art market – Rebecca is currently living in Brooklyn and has shifted her career path to focus on sustainable design and architecture. She plans to pursue her Masters degree in industrial design, so she can further her contribution to the field.

leonel de ponceLEONEL PONCEContributing Writer

Leonel is an architectural professional, graphic designer, and photographer from Rio de Janeiro. His exposure to Rio’s failing infrastructure motivates a search for solutions to urban plight through design. Since switching hemispheres, Leonel has lived in New York, Texas, and Portugal, and traveled around Europe and Latin America, immersing himself in both regional and cosmopolitan cultures. A graduate of The University of Texas in Austin’s School of Architecture, he looks to be involved in a greener, healthier planet. Leonel has volunteered with Oxfam Action Corps NYC and the US Green Building Council, and participated in design competitions through Architecture for Humanity and The Archive Institute. He hopes to incorporate this experience, his time at Inhabitat, and his graduate studies in Environmental Systems at The Pratt Institute into a career in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. While Leonel is an avid city walker and explorer, he doesn’t mind if you take public transportation.

MOLLY COTTER Contributing Writer

A Detroit native, Molly strongly supports the movement for green design and innovation. She moved to New York years ago to attend the Christie’s MA in Art Business program. After years of working with 19th Century American paintings, she joined the living art world, and has become a freelance writer and researcher for artists, galleries, and curators. She spent summer 2011 studying Art Crime in Italy, and that is all she is allowed to say about that.