Gallery: Anne Militello Unveils Stunning Light Cycles LED Art Installat...

The installation against Manhattan's high-rises.

Once night falls, employees and visitors to the Winter Garden will be treated to a myriad of colors comparable to the aurora borealis. Hues of sapphire blue, amethyst, blood red and topaz will glitter and reflect from the hanging mirrored disks along the front of the garden’s glass curtain atrium. Best seen from the plaza outside, or better yet from a passing water taxi, the lights flitter from one color to the next in programmed patterns. The jewel-like colors juxtapose against the enormous palm trees that flank the courtyard inside.

Militello herself will be on-site for the first two weeks of the exhibition, creating new shifting compositions of the LED display that will be used for the remainder of the show.

The iconic Winter Garden Atrium has been a pinnacle of Battery Park since it was built in 1988, the indoor garden often being a site for concerts and community events. Militello’s installation adds to the cultural value, enhancing its architectural beauty with this site specific piece. The exhibition will shine each evening until midnight from now until March 30th.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer & Jill Fehrenbacher for Inhabitat

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