Gallery: Anti-Airbnb bill passes in New York State Senate

The Big Apple has not always been welcoming to the home-sharing business plan, often citing violations of the city's rental laws.

The New York State Senate’s popularity rating just plummeted with its passage of a new bill prohibiting rentals of entire properties for less than 30 days – a major blow to those in New York who have been renting their apartments out on popular home sharing site Airbnb. New York has long been critical of the home-sharing company’s business model, citing violations of the state’s rental laws. Now, thanks to the new bill, it looks like the site is on track to lose a big chuck of its business in NY.

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  1. thomaswilliams February 4, 2017 at 5:06 am
    According to the bill which was passes in the New York city was very helpful for the american peoples. its run a great city. they also defines such a fines for violated these rules. decide the first fine approximately $1,000 and decide third fine $7,500. these fines are can be taken by the govt of new york.
  2. keithdecent June 25, 2016 at 9:00 pm
    "(a) A class A multiple dwelling is a multiple dwelling which is occupied, as a rule, for permanent residence purposes. This class shall include tenements, flat houses, maisonette apartments, apartment houses, apartment hotels, bachelor apartments, studio apartments, duplex apartments, kitchenette apartments, garden-type maisonette dwelling projects, and all other multiple dwellings except class B multiple dwellings. (b) A garden-type maisonette dwelling project is a series of attached, detached or semi-detached dwelling units which are provided as a group collectively with all essential services such as, but not limited to, water supply and house sewers, and which units are located on a site or plot not less than twenty thousand square feet in area under common ownership and erected under plans filed with the department on or after April eighteenth, nineteen hundred fifty-four, and which units together and in their aggregate are arranged or designed to provide three or more apartments." I doubt the senate will get a lot less popular by disallowing greedy landlords to displace permanent residents in order to make shady bucks running a massive airbnb hotel.
  3. Russell Higgins June 24, 2016 at 1:39 pm
    Inhabitat - You should have stressed at the start that this does not effect all those letting out a spare room, or their personal dwelling unit for a day or two a month when they are away (like apt swapping vacationers have been doing for generations). This is not a threat to the millions who use ABnB to help make ends meet. At least that's what I read above. ABnB never should have allowed it's service to be used to circumvent laws that protect the public. The makers of ABnB claim to be hyper smart and super tech savvy yet can't make it so their system can't be gamed by the unscrupulous? I don't believe it. Using ABnB to avoid the many laws created in response to actual dangerous and life threatening conditions created in past years by irresponsible business people renting out rooms by the day is immoral. As is avoiding all labor issues (costs) caused by unions helping to protect workers maintaining such establishments from economic abuse.