Gallery: Architects Propose ‘Soft Waterfront Infrastructure’ to Protect...
Thanks to climate change, we've experienced some wild storms the past couple of years, culminating in Hurricane Sandy, which hit the city with record devastation  . To make matters worse, NYC is slowly succumbing to rising sea levels, which threaten to sink coastal neighborhoods throughout the boroughs. In light of a possible environmental disaster (and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy), a group of architecture firms have united to tackle these issues with innovative green design. Taking lessons from levee design flaws in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, these architects have created "soft infrastructure," a design concept based on priming the city to "deal with storms instead of fortify itself against them" by using natural resources like coastal marshlands and building more sustainable infrastructure like green roofs.

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  1. feline74 March 15, 2012 at 5:16 pm
    Another idea: restore the old streams that were roofed over to make storm sewers. Their potential capacity is increased and the city gets more parkland in the process.