Artist Stacks Hundreds of Staples to Create Spectacular Model of New York City

by , 05/14/11
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Stoler, a Tel Aviv artist, creates a variety of art, including clay sculptures, pencil drawings, and cartoons, but her talent to transform staples is by far the most intriguing. Not only has she created a detailed model of New York City, but she has also used staples to recreate Francisco Goya’s famous painting ‘The Third of May 1808,’ make an intricate portrait of her boyfriend, and create an adorable staple menagerie.

Stoler is not the only artist creating urban landscape with the tiny pieces of metal. Back in 2009, Gizmodo brought us “Staple City” by artist Peter Root. The massive miniature was a sprawling landscape of freestanding staple structures. He noted that staples, like a city, are subject to the elements and the slightest bump or disturbance can bring them toppling down.

Visit Stoler’s Flickr page to see all of her awesome artwork, some of which is for sale on Etsy.

+ Tofi Stoler

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