Assembly New York’s Handmade Geometric Terrariums Give a New Angle to Indoor Gardening

by , 08/10/11
filed under: Product Design

An artist in Philadelphia collaborated with the creative directors at Assembly New York to develop the hand welded metal and glass terrariums, which were originally inspired by larger, more abstract architectural forms. The resulting glass enclosures also have a small frame of un-glassed space where owners can occasionally water the plants inside. Each terrarium includes soil and quartz crystals, but the purchase and arrangement of plants is left up to the owner.

As of now, there are four different styles of terrariums available online that feature different shapes and sizes. In store is a much wider selection including large, table-top display cases and even wall-mounted terrariums. Assembly New York also hopes to expand the line with a series of fishbowls and tanks. These microcosmic planters provide a visual escape from the world outside, and take the ever-cliché granola crunch out of indoor gardening.

+ Assembly New York