Aveeno Grows a Forest in the Middle of Times Square in NYC

by , 04/09/11
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Times Square Forest, artificial forest nyc, aveeno skincare

A leafy forest has taken root in the concrete jungle! In an effort to raise awareness for environmental sustainability and healthy living, Aveeno Skincare has created an artificial forest right in the middle of New York City’s Time Square as part of the company’s Earth Day celebrations. Aveeno also announced that they will donate 500 trees to MillionTreesNYC, a crucial part of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC. Given that one tree can turn 260 pounds of CO2 into clean oxygen in a single year, 500 trees can make a significant impact on the quality of our air.

Times Square Forest, artificial forest nyc, aveeno skincare

The artificial oasis serves as part of the “Aveeno Be An Active Natural” educational program, which focuses on making small changes in our daily lives, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and a more positive impact on the environment. Visitors to the forest will have a chance to experience the beauty of nature and the importance of balancing an urban environment with environmental conservation. They will learn more about the importance of trees and the impact they have on our environment and well being.

To complement Aveeno’s tree donation, the New York Restoration Project will be collecting donations of trees to be planted over the next few months. The organization hopes to plant a total of 1000 news trees this spring. If you’re interested in helping out, stop by the forest or contact the NYRP and MillionsTreesNYC.

Via The Greener Ideal