BIG Architects Awarded $335 Million for Storm-Resilient Green “U” Around Manhattan

by , 06/04/14

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Big U would not only tackle Lower Manhattan, but would also extend to known flood zones up to 57th Street on the West Side, down through Battery Park, and up to 42nd street on the East Side. The plan will encompass ten miles of low-lying land throughout Manhattan, enacting flood-protection infrastructure woven through public developments. The flood protection facet will be divided in three compartments, which could each be isolated during storm surges so that an overflow at one would not affect the others.

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Along with these discrete flood protection zones, Big U envisions lush green spaces that connect one compartment to the next, based loosely on the High Line Park’s oblong plan. BIG has also imagined outdoor water park areas, a new aquarium, and even a lagoon-style park area for local fishing.



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  1. Russell Higgins June 7, 2014 at 3:25 pm
    Can you say: -Boondoggle -Solution for a problem that didn't exist (not the flood control, the museums, pools, interactive media moving "floodwalls", etc.) -Entitlement gone insane. It's a wish list of every "stakeholder" who could shoehorn themselves into the meetings no doubt, well, except the millions of workers in NYC who lived without jobs, pay, electricity, elevators, transportation, subways, mass transit for weeks and months who NEEDs are - flood control, affordability, buildability, non - intrusive as possible, allow city / people access to harbour / rivers, and can start construction ASAP. This solution addresses NONE of the most important needs of the workers and residents most effected by the flooding. But I agree it is sexy, cool, gee wiz wild, super, fantastic....