Gallery: Biologists Studying NYC’s Interesting Impact on Urban Wildlife...

© Megan Khines. Flickr Commons.

An unfortunate consequence of living in an urban environment is that city folk tend to forget about nature. But for a group of field biologists working with the city parks department, New York City offers some of the most interesting and diverse environmental curiosities. As it turns out, our urban setting has a unique impact on the evolution of plants and wildlife within the city limits. Scouring our city parks, the team, led by Dr. Jason Munshi-South, is uncovering details of some of the interesting biological changes the city brings to its wildlife and animal residents.

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  1. lazyreader July 27, 2011 at 1:20 pm
    You can call them wildlife. I call them pests. Centuries ago the Plague wiped out a third of Europe. We go out of our way to eliminate rodents and bugs because we know full well the consequences of leaving their numbers unchecked. We spray, trap, glue, poison and clean our alleys and parks and nooks and cranies of cities for a reason. Those creatures are fine in open spaces.