Blesso Properties Creates Innovative Eco-Urban Designs for NYC Real Estate

by , 08/15/11
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Blesso Properties projects strictly follow Building Green Inc.’s guidelines to sustainable construction, and one green method that they are particularly committed to is recycling. Many of the properties that the company invests in have historical interiors that need rehabbing. Blesso uses architectural salvage from the original interiors, as well as from other demolished buildings.

Reclaimed and recycled wood, along with post-consumer recycled materials, is widely used in Blesso-designed interiors, in both the unseen elements of construction and in highly visible elements, like flooring. All of their construction materials are fully recyclable, but also durable, eliminating future waste. Their commitment to reclaimed wood not only cuts costs for their clients, but also helps lessen deforestation, saving one tree at a time through reuse.

Blesso also uses natural pollutant-free products, such as low-VOC emitters, and they opt for steel over PVC and other substances that are harmful to the ozone. On top of that, the firm uses locally sourced materials to cut down on energy used from shipping, as well as sustainably harvest woods when wood recycling is not possible. Their properties are chock full of traditional environmental features like low-flush toilets, recycled water, solar panels and green roofing. Even more impressive, some properties are insulated with recycled blue jeans and feature internal irrigation systems to water plants using collected rainwater.

Aside from their environmental integrity, Blesso Properties is highly invested with preserving the historical look and feel of the neighborhoods in which they develop. Therefore, their properties not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also on the streetscapes which they occupy.

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