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Mayor Bloomberg sets an example by donating his own blood.

Hurricane Sandy ravaged neighborhoods across New York, but it also did serious damage to the city’s blood supply. Although people may not realize it, the need for blood at hospitals is constant and blood is collected every day to meet the demands – but that process took a serious hit when the storm struck. The New York Blood Center has sent out notice that its supply of blood has been seriously depleted – they are about 6000 units short – but the good news is that you can help! Emergency donors across New York City are being asked to donate blood and platelets at a donation center or blood drive as soon as possible. If you wanted to volunteer down in Staten Island or the Rockaways but were turned away because of the snow, giving blood is a wonderful alternative way you can help your fellow New Yorkers. According to the NYBC, one in seven hospital patients need blood and this statistic only increases in crises like last week’s storm, so think about how much good your blood could do.

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