Gallery: ‘Breaking the Bottle’ Upcycles Glass Shards into a Glittering ...

The crystalline furniture set represents the set up of any family home. Reigelman asks us to reexamine our comfort levels, and the feeling of isolation in our own homes. The show runs at the Heller Gallery until July 30th.

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  1. TuffysMom July 26, 2014 at 8:12 pm
    Hi Mark,I was referred to you by Kathy of the New Britain CT. Art Museum,. I am an amateur artist/crafter and am overwhelmed with too many intentions and supplies for those ideas.I live with my son and daughter-in-law who want me to now get rid of all my boxes in their garage.Kathy sent me a catalog with your name circled, as someone who might be interested in the beautiful colored glass bottles and assorted glass containers I have been collecting to eventually craft, but I have overdone the collecting and need to downsize. I want to sell what I have to be re-purposed and don\'t want to just put them on the curb with the recycles. Even if you don\'t want to buy them, I\'d give them to you, knowing they will become art, not trash. Or, if you know of another artist who needs them, please pass this inquiry on. A response would be appreciated. Best regards, Iris Miller Bristol,CT. cell phone 860-331-6428