Bridgeport, Connecticut Plans to Convert a Landfill into New England’s Largest Solar Power Array

by , 03/26/14

Garbage dumps don’t exactly have the greenest reputation, but one former landfill in Bridgeport, Connecticut is changing that with an exciting new solar venture. A recent City Council vote gave the green light for a 9,000 solar panel array to be built across 16 acres on a shuttered dumpsite. Estimated to produce 5 megawatts of power, the new project will provide up to 3,000 homes with clean energy and produce much-needed jobs for Connecticut’s largest city.

The solar project, spearheaded by Connecticut-based energy company United Illuminating (UI), is estimated to earn the city roughly $7 million over the life of the 20-year lease. The solar array is scheduled to be complete by June 2015 and will be housed on a landfill from the 1900s, which is currently blocked off to the public in Bridgeport’s prestigious Seaside Park. Once completed, the solar array will be the largest in New England.

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“We’re turning a sin of our past into a shining example of our city’s future,” said Mayor Bill in a press statement. “This project is a green economic engine that will fuel job creation, generate millions of dollars in revenue for the city, and power thousands of homes through the use of clean energy.”

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Bridgeport is no stranger to investing in businesses and projects that provide cleaner power to residents. The city boasts the largest fuel cell plant in the nation as well as a waste-to-energy plant. An anaerobic food digestion facility that will divert food waste and power up to 1,000 homes with renewable energy is set to break ground this year.

Via CT Post