Gallery: Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets $40 Million Donation to Build Indoor...

photo by Jill Fehrenbacher for Inhabitat

Yesterday, competitive cyclist Joshua P. Rechnitz single handedly made the largest monetary gift to the NYC park system and made the widely longed for dream of an indoor velodrome within NYC come true. Rechnitz, the grandson of philanthropists, pledged $40 million to build a new recreational center in an old warehouse on Pier 5 of the Brooklyn Bridge Park near Furman Street. The velodrome will be an easily accessible crown jewel in the NYC parks department, and it could open as soon as 2016.

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  1. gmretseck April 23, 2012 at 3:42 pm
    New York will love having a Velodrome. We have had a Velodome in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania since the late 70's. Countless children and adults have learned to ride the track for healthy recreation and competition. It's about time the biggest city in the US will have one to enjoy, Thank you Mr.Rechnitz!!