Brooklyn Bridge Park Unveils 10 Designs to Turn Dilapidated Warehouses into Greenery-Filled Destinations

by , 06/22/13

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Team Two

Several heavy-hitting developers tossed in their bids for a seat at the proverbial table since the call for proposals was announced in September. Notable names include: Jamestown Properties (behind Chelsea Market and Milk Studio), Two Trees (developers of the Domino Sugar Refinery site) and Midtown Equities (currently a front-runner for the winning bid) among others. Each of them was tasked with the objective of restoring the seven connected warehouses while preserving the integrity of each structure.

Development of the derelict warehouses would mean millions of dollars in revenue each year for Brooklyn Bridge Park—a welcomed benefit for Regina Myer, president of the park, which would also mean more money for park operations and maintenance. Myer is looking to grant the winning proposal a 99-year lease under which developers will have open reign to transform the five-story, 327,000 square-foot space.

For a look at each proposal, click through our gallery here.

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  1. MonikaCGTiffany April 15, 2014 at 10:34 am
    I agree team six is lovely. A beautiful update of a great building without losing the background of the structure.
  2. dianemarie33 August 23, 2013 at 10:11 am
    Team 6 is my first choice. Here they are leaving the building in its authenticity and adding much needed greenery (green houses) that can be used all year round. Looks as if there will be space for commercial use at the ground level. My second choice would be team three, they are incorporating indoor and outdoor use, and utilizing the rooftop for gardens, we definitely need to keep the environment in mind. The gardens will be great for the air quality in NYC. More rooftop gardens!