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Participating in a neighborhood CSA and composting pretty much go hand-in-hand, considering the organic food scraps you get from your produce. But for many of us, making the weekly CSA pick-up and the compost drop-off can be a challenge. Brooklynites Greg Diedrich and Pavel Mamontov are closing that gap for Ditmas Park residents. The innovative duo has designed and built the CSA-Compost Bike Trailer, a pedal-powered cart equipped with crates for transporting fresh veggies and buckets for collecting compost.

Diedrich and Mamontov created the trailer in order to meet the transportation needs of the Ditmas Park CSA and Compost for Brooklyn — both of which they are involved with. The goal is to connect eco-conscious groups and people in the neighborhood in order to make the food cycle more complete and sustainable. The trailer is used to deliver CSA veggies to those who can’t make the pick-up and collect compost from CSA members for delivery to Compost for Brooklyn, where it is used to grow more fruits and vegetables. The common sense cycle is part of Diedrich’s larger plan to encourage and promote a low-waste lifestyle.

Currently, only one trailer is in use for the Ditmas Park neighborhood, but the designers posted a detailed tutorial on how you can build your own CSA Compost bike. The whole contraption only cost Diedrich $145 and took just six hours to construct. He is pushing to expand the service, and hopes that people will begin to more readily see the bicycle’s benefits as a cargo carrying device in a dense urban environment like New York City.

Join Diedrich, Mamontov, and the Ditmas Park community for Compost for Brooklyn’s one-year anniversary block part on June 5. You’ll be able to see the trailer for yourself and learn more about joining the sustainable food cycle action.

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  1. ricklin12 May 27, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    compost is a good thing

  2. smurf May 27, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    great article