Brooklyn’s Broadway Stages Installs the Largest Private Solar Roof in NYC!

by , 04/25/11

Broadway Stages, a film and television facility next to Greenpoint’s Café Grumpy (a favorite spot for Inhabitat writers!) is home to New York City’s largest privately owned solar roof! With the help of Greenpoint Energy Partners, Broadway Stages just completed the installation of a 420 kilowatt solar paneled roof, which will produce more than 600,000 pounds of annual carbon dioxide offsets. The roof’s annual renewable energy production will be the equivalent of planting 50 acres of trees or not burning 75,000 gallons of gasoline. The solar panel array is just one of many green initiatives for Broadway Stages.

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The idea was conceived when Café Grumpy and Greenpoint Energy Partners owner Chris Timbrell suggested installing the green roof to Broadway Stages’ owner during his daily cappuccino run. Solar Energy Systems owner (and Grumpy regular) John Salmon was soon brought into the fold to realize the idea.

Aside from the solar roof, Broadway Stages has also installed the first solar powered sound stage, where The Good Wife is filmed, which ups their solar production to a total of 501kW. The company is also involved with NYC CoolRoofs, which simply paints city roofs white. This easy process is a low cost way to reduce the energy absorbed by a roof, thus lowering the building’s temperature and cutting costs.

As if their solar power producing efforts were not enough, Broadway Stages has also installed a rooftop farm on their huge West Street soundstage, which covers 51,000 square feet of production spaces. The energy efficient roof farm produces organic produce that is then sold to local restaurants, and they use the best mode of green transportation, bicycles, to get the produce from the farm to the businesses. They also host an educational farming program for kids in collaboration with Growing Chefs.

Broadway Stages is a role model for large companies to go green. Even their website is even hosted by Green-e certified web company, Squarespace. We applaud their amazing efforts, and hope other New York companies take Broadway Stages’ lead and follow suit!

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