Gallery: CCNY’s Sun-Powered Solar Roofpod to be Installed on Spitzer Sc...

CCNY Students designed the project for the 2011 Solar Decathlon

At just 750 square feet, the Solar Roofpod is a compact design that still manages to provide all of the functions expected of a contemporary home and some. It captures rainwater for reuse and generates enough energy not only for itself, but even for the building upon which it rests. But until now, the Solar Decathlon project hasn’t had a permanent base.

CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture announced plans to welcome the student-designed project home and give it some company: some rooftop gardens and a windmill that will help the rooftop solar panels generate energy. The small building will double as a meeting space and an educational tool for future designers, who can study the project’s numerous eco-friendly attributes. Welcome home!

+ Solar Roofpod

+ CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture

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