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If you’re looking for yet another sign that the end is near, the media has been buzzing (pun-intended) with reports that billions of cicadas will be burrowing out of their underground holes soon and swarming the East Coast of the United States. Okay, so “Cicadapocolypse” – what many entomologists are calling the insects’ mass exodus from the ground – may be a bit sensational considering that the bugs would hardly hurt a fly, but the event likely will be painful to our ears. Some experts predict that the noise the cicadas emit could even be comparable to the sound of a New York City train.

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  1. User1 April 16, 2013 at 4:46 pm
    Cicadas are beautiful and amazing insects, and their noise IS music to my ears. They develop more coloration as they mature too, ever increasing their intricacy and beauty. I remember the last mass emergence from when I lived close to the east coast. It was fun and fascinating for us as kids to see and hear the curious creatures. I wish this article were more generously worded- as it's possible to take advantage of a public spokes position to open people's eyes to natural wonder, rather than make a negative focal point out of what could be a marvelous happening. Thank you for the news nonetheless.