Colorful DIY Easter Eggs Pay Tribute to the NYC Subway System – Even the G Train

by , 03/31/13
filed under: Food,Manhattan,parenting

What does an NYC Easter egg look like? That’s the question that New York transplant and blogger Natalie Broulette asked herself, and the result was this basket of colorful subway-inspired eggs! Broulette tapped into her creative juices and made egg versions of all 22 New York City subway lines – read on to see them all.

“It’s a fun spin on basic egg dyeing and my way of saying, ‘I love you, New York … yes, even you, sad, little, unreliable G train,'” writes Broulette, on her site The SoHo (short for Southern Hostess). Hankering to make your own NYC Easter eggs? Learn how with Broulette’s easy DIY tutorial.

Via Alltop