Coolhaus: Architecture Inspired Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches Arrive in NYC

by , 05/04/11
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coolhaus, architecture ice cream, organic ice cream truck, coolhaus ice cream

In New York City, we love architecture and we love the finest foods, but how to make them one? Enter Coolhaus. Starting out small in Los Angeles, Coolhaus has finally arrived to NYC and it’s just what we’ve has been waiting for – an ice cream truck that blends organic deliciousness with some of the greatest architects out there. Playing off of Rem Koolhaas’ name, Coolhaus co-founders Natasha and Freya have come a long way since their humble beginnings in Freya’s mom kitchen back in 2008. The team now has two trucks and a store in L.A., as well as a truck in Austin, so it seemed only natural for them to finally try their hand at NYC’s very competitive street food market.

coolhaus, architecture ice cream, organic ice cream truck, coolhaus ice cream

The pair is dedicated to using only the best organic ingredients, and they use seasonable ingredients to come-up with some very interesting flavor combinations like Olive Rosemary ice cream on a Brioche cookie. The best part of the ice cream truck is the clever architectural references like Frank Berry, a ice cream sandwich consisting of strawberry ice cream on a snickerdoodle cookie. Or the classic Mies Vanilla Rohe, with vanilla ice cream in the middle of two homemade chocolate chip cookies. And yet the truck’s treats get even cooler with an edible wrapper, meaning that there is no waste when consuming this delicious snack!

Coolhaus plans to have two trucks in New York City by June, which is just perfect considering the city turns into an oven in the summer. Plus, Coolhaus lets you get creative with your ice cream cookie sandwiches. You can mix and match cookies and ice cream to create the perfect summer relief just for you. But if you can’t decide, go with some seasonable — most of the local ingredients and toppings used for the NYC trucks can’t be found at any of their other locations.

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