COstruction: An Eco-Friendly Installation by Nooka, SOFTlab, and Tietz-Baccon at DDC Lab in New York

by , 05/13/11
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costruction, nooka, softlab, tietz baccon, ddclab, ny design week, green design

What do you get when you combine futuristic fashion, cutting edge technology, and innovative designers? COstruction, a collaborative art installation created by Nooka, SOFTlab, and Tietz-Baccon, three major player in New York’s design world. The forward-think fashion brand Nooka teamed up with the design studios SOFTlab and Tietz-Baccon to create a unique display that combines architecture and fashion using unexpected forms and green materials. COstruction officially launches this upcoming Sunday at DDCLAB studio in Chelsea, and it will be the focal point of Nooka’s retailing products throughout the summer.

costruction, nooka, softlab, tietz baccon, ddclab, ny design week, green design

“Nooka produces physical manifestations of ideas. SOFTlab creates amazing spaces using cutting – edge technology and thinking. Tietz-Baccon Fabrication heavily emphasizes technology, material, and craft. Together, these three entities come together to create a unique retail environment that features Nooka creations in the fabulous DDCLab space.”

To construct the installation, the designers teamed up with Columbia Forest Products, a company committed to sustainable forestry that specializes in hardwood plywood and veneer manufacturing. They are known as innovators of soy based formaldehyde free products. The boxy, pixelated display is lined with eco-friendly, 100 percent wool felt made by FilzFelt — perfect for displaying Nooka’s eco-conscious accessories. Nooka is no stranger to the world of green design. The company forgoes plastic packaging, instead using food-grade silicone containers that can be reused for food storage.

The goal of the collaboration is to fuse high-end fashion with innovative technology and design, making it the perfect display for DDCLAB, a studio that strives to enhance classic fashion with technology.

COstruction at DDCLAB studio
427 West 14th Street
New York, NY

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