Gallery: CounterEvolution’s Reclaimed Bowling Lane Furniture Will Delig...

CounterEvolution was founded just a few years ago by Jim Malone, the former director for the Pokemon TV show. Coming across a gorgeous piece of reclaimed bowling lane wood, he created a countertop in his apartment, then was inspired to make a life change, and work with the salvage full time.

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  1. raymond jung November 12, 2014 at 10:58 pm
    I just picked up 4 CounterEvolution chairs (reclaimed heart pine harvested from an old bowling lane)and brought it home today. I'm going back for the Lilly dinning table this weekend as it doesnt fit in an Audi A7! What an amazing pieces of art we just purchased..great story and the quality is commercial grade and built to last.What's funny is we dont need this dinning set and have'nt figured out what to do with it yet!! Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada