D&A NY Fashion Trade Show Blooms with Emily Remensperger’s Spring-Like Recycled Art

by , 05/04/11
filed under: Art NYC,Manhattan

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Emily’s designs for this season’s D&A showroom consisted of detailed paper birds, constructed from newspaper grocery ads that hung over the Ecouterre table, and a wall of paper flowers and honeycombs complete with bubble-bees made from repurposed Styrofoam bowls. Emily has taken her talent and combined it with her teaching education to become an Adults with Disabilities teacher through AHRC. Emily’s use of repurposed material in her teaching, she says, has allowed her students to “find ways to incorporate their everyday lives into their art”.

In addition to her work as a teacher and artists for D&A, Emily has a permanent installation space at the Hudson Studio office that changes every three months. The craftsmanship and detail of Emily’s work make it hard to believe that the materials are just everyday items we all have laying around our homes. Everything that goes into her art is either found or recycled material with the exception of a few push-pins and some string to help hold everything together! We’re definitely looking forward to the next Designers and Agents showroom — yes for the fashion, but also for the art.

photos © Krista Leahy for Inhabitat