Gallery: Disused Coal Silo Turned Into Bustling Restaurant Overlooking ...

Long before the superhighway to Toronto was built, tourists flocked to Ontario via the Great Gorge Railway and steamships originating in Lewiston, New York where an old coal silo stood. In 1938, the railway was dismantled and the giant concrete silo became obsolete - until 1997, when Mr. Richard Hastings from Youngstown approached the city and offered to turn it into a restaurant. It is now known as The Silo and it attracts hundreds of people every day.

After the railway was dismantled, the highway was built and steamships were considered too environmentally destructive, Lewiston lost favor for many years. But then concerted efforts to revive the river finally paid off and tourists started coming around again. It was at this point that Mr. Hastings saw a business opportunity in the silo, which was converted into a refreshment stand with Mayor Richard Soluri’s blessings.

Apart from a few pigeons that were booted out, The Silo was built inside of the original structure – a wonderful adaptive reuse project that preserved all of the existing materials. It was only necessary to add a cone shaped roof that gives the barn red restaurant the appearance of a large mushroom. Officially opened in 1998, The Silo has outdoor seating with a recycled caboose that acts as an extension to the outdoor space.

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