Gallery: DIY: How to Make an Iconic Chrysler Building Halloween Costume

  • Originally published in October 2012

    Celebrate the spirit of New York City and crown yourself as a DIY rock star by making this kick-ass Chrysler Building costume! If you’ve got foil, cardboard, felt, hot glue and a silver dress, you’re ready to rock the Art Deco jewel of the city. Read on for the step-by-step instructions.


    -Large cardboard box

    -Roll of foil

    -Hot glue

    -Black felt or paint

    -Silver dress

    -Pencil, scissors or blade


    First, take a strip of cardboard and measure it around your head to make the lower crown of your hat. Cut it in an arc and hot glue firmly so the lower level crown rests sturdily on your head. Using a pencil, trace four arches for each level of the Chrysler tower, gradually making each of the (four) levels smaller by about one-third. Glue each to themselves to make squares. For the point, cut the cardboard into triangles, and glue into a point.

    STEP 2: FOIL

    Take each of your pieces and cover with foil. Be sure to use the shiny side of the foil. Use glue sparingly to keep the foil in place.


    Choose either black paint or felt, and cut enough triangles to make the windows on each level. Arrange them in an arc and glue (or paint). Wait until thoroughly dry.


    Each level should fit snugly inside the next, use hot glue to secure into place. To attach the tower to the crown, you may need to add some cardboard braces to make the tower stand upright. Simply stack and glue sections of cardboard and glue them inside of the crown in the front, back and sides. Now place the tower inside and secure with glue.

    STEP 5: WEAR IT!

    Put on your silver dress (or suit!) and Chrysler Building hat, then hit the town and show it who’s boss!

    All images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat


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  1. greenwashingpolice October 21, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Dear Lori,

    As Inhabitat is supposed to be supporting sustainability, encouraging people to use Aluminum foil is a highly UNsustainable practice. Most aluminum foil used in the US is rejected by most recycling centers and ends up in landfills!
    How about coming up with some new, fun sustainable costume ideas which do a better job conforming to the tenants of this blog?